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    Can I just say, you are such an inspiration!! What you do is amazing - you bring people together in a simple way that is effective and fulfilling. I really appreciate you facilitating the networking meetings. Never thought I would say this but,.... networking is fun!!!

    [Attended September 2, 2009 ExecuNet Networking Meeting]

    In figuring out exactly what I didn't enjoy about networking events, Gail and I looked at what I do love doing that involves others. We established that when I go to play music with others, I have none of the resistance or trepidation.

    Further digging into that, we saw that it was because when playing music, I am going to connect with others through my empathic, emotional self, rather than my brainy, intellectual self.

    When we mapped this over, and I approached going to a networking event in that "state," my experience was completely transformed.

    I was at ease, enjoyed myself, and made more powerful contacts than I had made in a long time. I walked away from one networking event with a major speaking gig, and I've built my practice up significantly in just a few weeks time.

    Ironically, the Authentic Self that I help others to excel with was not getting his time in the sun. (the cobbler's child has no shoes). Rather than trying to meet others in Brain-land, I am being myself, connecting with them in Heart-land.

    Thanks for being such a powerful catalyst and holding up that mirror in such a supportive way, Gail. You're fantastic!

    I'm a successful businessowner, yet I dread the idea of "selling." Gail's program was transformative and breathtakingly simple. She challenged my fears and assumptions in a non-threathening manner, and helped me change my attitude and approach 180 degrees.

    NOTE: These comments are about the outcomes I received from the "How to Love Selling" workshop Gail customized for my company, based on her "How to Love Networking" training program.

    You certainly were the major part of my launch into networking. Networking is paying stronger dividends over time.

    Here is a summary of another networking success story I shared with ExecuNet, where you and I first met.

    I have a networking story to share which reflected directly my interface with Gail and Execunet 2 years ago.

    While currently employed in early 2005 I realized I was at a dead end in my current position and needed a career change. At the time I joined Execunet. Gail Sussman Miller was a guest speaker at a Execunet networking session I attended in mid-2005. That meeting drove me forward in the value of networking. I have been enhancing my networking skills and efforts ever since.

    About a year and a half back I engaged a networking associate I met at that Execunet meeting. I continued to network with this individual in his new position. Today my networking relationship with this individual has resulted in opening up a new customer for my current company. I am forecasting this new customer to a Top 10 sales revenue producer for my new company, Kristel Displays.

    This experience not only helped me in a career change but also resulted in new revenue for my company. Wanted to share this sucess story with you.

    Gail is captivating. She makes networking seem easy and I feel compelled to try it the way she suggests. The ideas/lessons Gail presented can be used in more areas than just networking -- work, friendships. I will remember that there are probably many people who feel somewhat uncomfortable with networking so why not be the one to break the ice?!

    As a speaker, Gail is very engaging and interesting which always equals effective. This workshop will help me in any new networing situation from here on out.

    Gail was fun, fresh, relaxed. The participants were engaged. It was good to see interaction for our bankers. There are some good parallels between activities that energize us and choices we make in our lives.

    I just was stimulated, inspired and motivated anew this morning (June 13, 2007) by a presentation. And I think the presenter would be a tremendous WOW for an audience of consulting professionals, both because of content and presentation technique.

    She is Gail Sussman Miller, a personal and business coach who specializes, but not exclusively in serving women solopreneurs. She obviously addresses men and owners of small groups. For more detail, see her web site

    Her presentation this morning was to the Executive Service Corps on time management to help us understand what makes people act or procrastinate so we can serve our clients better and help them be more effective. She speaks on other topics as well, such as how to love networking.

    I think should be great for individuals as well as for helping professionals make their clients more effective. Again, check out her web site.

    Hal Bergen & Company
    Public Relations

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